Philips’ main core business is “sense and simplicity”, in this case translated into a wearable device that has several sensors for health monitoring. In other smart watch concepts, people may take photos or check their messages. However, Philips Simpleband is focused on sensing and making that technology simple to monitor.


The sensing functionalities are mapped to corners and are reachable with one action. For improving battery life and having a hard regard for a budget for health-related sensors, touch screen and multi-color screens are not selected for the concept. Philips Simpleband stores and analyses the following


• sweat for understanding depressive-ness(mind-state), dehydration rate
• temperature for combining with activity monitoring and dehydration rate
• heart rate for sampling cardiac dysrhythmia (irregular heartbeat)


These stored data sets are used for creating to-the-point messaging and notifications for users. The most important notification is about your health-state, not an advertisement or service message from an application.